Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Physio Update

So as I promised, here are some photos of my physio progress...
I've chosen just a few photos to show some of the exercises I do. Yesterday I had a strength session and it was great as I felt like I was really pushing myself and feel that I have taken quite a few steps forward.

1. Jogging on the mini tramp is the first step towards being able to run at full speed on ground. The mini tramp allows minimal stress and strain on my knee.

2. This would be almost one of the hardest exercises! Standing with my left (good) knee in front and my right (recon-structured) knee behind, I have to lift my lower leg slowly from toe touching the ground - to as close to a butt kick as possibly. The picture below is the highest I have been able to get my knee to date. This exercise is hard because it involves a lot of strength from the hamstring and also strength from my new ACL. I have to try really hard and push myself to raise my leg.

3. This exercise is great because my recon-structured knee is standing/balancing on the incline step - I then lower my left leg to toe touch the ground behind me (far back enough I get a slight bend in my right knee), then I bring my left knee back up to high knee drive.

4. I begin this exercise  with both legs straight and hands against the wall. Then with alternating legs I pull my leg all the way up to my chest (as high as I possibly can). The point of this exercise is to do it with precision, but also build up my speed and reaction.

5. The well-known hamstring curls! At this stage I am doing 12-15reps of hamstring curls 4x. I also had a go at doing one-legged hamstring curls... these were a lot harder but I managed to get 5 reasonable reps before I would collapse sweating!!

So there's a brief insight of my physio - although everyday is different and Ginny my physio is always coming up with new exercises to keep it exciting and targeting all areas!

Thanks for reading!
Ginny Orange

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