About Me

Growing up in a unique environment like New Zealand it’s almost impossible to get bored. I remember as a kid my parents would drive my sister, brother and I up to Mt Hutt each weekend for some sweet fun on the slopes. We all started out in Mogul Munchers – yes the crazy kid’s straight-lining it down the mountain without a care in the world!

With each winter there was a family trip down South to Queenstown with my cousins, aunt and uncle. And boy did we create havoc! I remember saying goodbye to our parents as the 5 of us kids speed off and took the mountain by storm!!
I was the crazy one, if ever dared something I would do it without thinking twice.
This of course, didn’t always go in my favour. Such as the time when I was 12 and a team mate dared me to go off the biggest jump in the terrain park. Being the wild-hearted kid I was I accepted the challenge. So typical me, I straight-line it to the jump, no speed-check whatsoever, and FLEW!! Of course I crash landed and it was a yard sale, but I did it.
And that’s the type of kid I was, and still am today.

I’ve always know that I was different, and in truth I’ve always wanted to be different. As a teenager I had my experiences; pushed the boundaries with my parents, been given detention because I either didn’t do my homework or being the open-minded person I am – expressed my differing opinion towards the teacher, volunteered as a leader for YMCA camps (still do), happily gave my time to help at the Ronald McDonald House, travelled to the other side of the word by myself at the age of 16, I went to a private school most of my life but in my final year I decided to have a change – packed my bags and moved to Queenstown for the year attending the public school there. I have already lived the life of a teenager and now I have my dreams and goals to focus on.

I believe all these things, and more have shaped me into the person I am today. I have to thank my parents for the ongoing support they have given me, they are both inspirational people who have shown me that if you set your mind to it, your heart will follow and you will achieve anything.
When I was put into Team Hutt everyone thought it was just a phase; that I would figure out soon enough that skiing wasn’t my thing. But they were wrong. I knew from the word go that skiing is what I am here to do – my passion for it cannot be explained. Call me crazy but standing in full suit spandex, -20 degrees out with wind chill added onto that, sure it sucks, but it’s all worth it when I get to race. Nothing matters anymore; it’s just me and the course.

Seasons later, I am now a competitive ski racer chasing the athlete dream of Olympics and the World Cup. I want to represent my country and make skiing history. I want to be the best in the world, and I want others to know it.