Wednesday, 23 November 2011

7 weeks on...

Yup that's right - 7 weeks since I had surgery and I couldn't be happier with my progress!!

I have physio with Wanaka Physiotherapy 3x a week and everyday I go the exercises are harder and harder and I am beginning to work up a serious sweat!!
When I first moved down to Wanaka I hadn't been able to get on a bike, I still had an awkward limp, bending my knee was the biggest mission, and the simplest exercises had me shaking in frustration!
But now...
I have progressed from using the stationary spin bike to finally getting on my road bike and going for a ride; I can walk like a normal person again; my knee can bend past 90 degrees, I have progressed from barely being able to squat to full squats with 10kgs on the bar... I could write an endless list of positives but I think you get the idea ;)
I've begun to draw up a fitness program which includes:
- Swim 3x week
- Bike 3x week
- Core 5x week
- Physio exercises 3x week
- Upper body strength 2x week

Also since my last update I had my NZ environments exam and I finished that feeling pretty confident that I passed... hopefully I haven't jinxed myself now ;)
Even though I finished my exams I am still studying - I made the decision to do a chemistry paper this summer to get ahead with my studies. I was pretty worried about how it would go, but I have done a few lectures now and am strangely enjoying it!! So here's hoping that I will continue to enjoy and understand the paper!

I guess that's all for now, I will upload some photos of my physio/progress soon. Best get back to the study and then it's off to the pool later!

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